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I am a SAHM of 3 and a wife of one. I started a blog to just bitch about life and now our youngest son is very sick I want to hear from other families going thru this and support eachother. He has SBS secondary to NEC with only 50 cm proximal jejunum and a 3 cm segment of terminal ileum. He is TPN dependent. He is a tough little 6 lb, 3 month old! Keeping my mind from turning to mush, Scentsy was introduced to me and I'm very thankful. The wonderful people in this community has changed my life. Even so, chaos in our house is a daily adventure. Some days, alright most days.. I take things minute by minute. To get through this bumpy road called 'life' I need my husband Jerad and my kids, my son Jordan 15, and my daughter Jaycee who is 11, and my son Jaxon is 3 months...I say it how it is... So I will say this.... "If you don't like what you are reading, you have the choice to leave my page. Nice, bitchy, raging lunitic, loving.. that's me! I admit I swear like a sailor, I may have different religious beliefs, I hate brussel sprouts with a passion.. these are all ways to describe ME.. I love making new friends but I will not 'pretend' to be someone I'm not just for their sake.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Need more money....

     I know there are so many people suffering with not having enough money to pay the bills....  I know alot of people are worse off than we are, especially in this time of Japan and earthquakes and tsunami's, that's horrible... But it still doesn't stop the bill collectors from calling, me worried if the house will be foreclosed eventually, the list goes on about my worries.  Does anyone out there have a wonderful story of how they got out of debt?  My biggest dilemma right now is this.... I have a certain amount of money, and that's it.... Well, do you put that on the house payment, pay utilities, groceries etc.... what takes priority?  I started couponing for necessities and food.  I'm not as good as some, but I've saved ALOT of money doing it.  But I can't tell the mortgage company, "Give me a few weeks, I'm couponing".  I will continue to clip away, I love it...then again I need to do something else too.  I feel picked on with our credit card debt being for medical reasons of myself and my kids.  I don't go out and shop the day away, live the high life.  I take the approach, I'm thankful for what I have, my husband and kids, they are my world.  But like I mentioned, it's hell to answer the bill companies phone call and not be stressed.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Poor Kid.....

     Yesterday my baby girl went into surgery being a trooper.  She has known about this surgery for months, which is cruel for a child to know what's coming.  The anticipation is horrible.  To give you a little history she had tubes put in her ears as a 10 month old baby, not unusual for a child.  They usually will fall out on there own which is normal and happens within the first year.  Ten years has came and gone, we haven't thought anything about those little microscopic tubes until one visit in the E.R. with kidney stones, the doctor had mentioned her tubes were in place.  I took her to the ear, nose and throat doctor and he said after ten years there will be a permanent hole so they will need to do a simple patching up job.  They use the paper that people roll cigarettes and joints with.  They literally patch it over the hole, a little glue and it should be over.  The doctor tried this once a month, for 4 months straight with no success.  She was losing her hearing and she eventually ended up with an infection that was threatening her hearing, vision, face and brain.  Getting very serious they decided to make an incision into her head, take a piece of her jaw muscle and graft it into the hole and try it that way.  That was last April and it also failed.  I ended up getting a second, third and fourth opinion.  This type of surgery, there is so many horrific side effects, it is horrible to think of.  I honestly didn't think ear problems and surgery was that big of a deal, until all this happened.  Since that surgery she has had 5 more of the minor surgeries with the cigarette and joint paper patch.  I wanted to tell the doctor to get the damn surgery right or I might be rolling my own joint! (kidding).  After each surgery she couldn't cough, sneeze, throw up, be active for weeks at a time, if she did it would literally blow the whole surgery to pieces.  The winter months are more prone for sickness so we have wanted since December of 2010 to now, to do this LAST (crossing fingers) surgery.  Unfortunately it has been the most serious to date.  With a total of 11 surgeries to her head.  She went into the hospital at 10:30 yesterday morning, surgery started at noon.  I got word from the surgeon at 3:30 that she pulled through.  They have ran into problems and have had to keep her longer than anticipated.  All of the anesthesia and antibiotics do not sit well with her liver disease.  So now we sit and wait, and hope that this will be good news. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Skin allergy perhaps?

     This is twice now in a 3 month time frame.  The first time her cheeks were turning red, almost if a child was running a high fever... Even though she wasn't, at first I DID think so.  She definitely used this to her advantage.  Stay home from school, brother needs to bring me popsicles etc.  There was no fever, no symptoms at all.  The redness turned into spots that looked burned.  It was horrible, I felt so bad.  I took her to the doctor, they said it was probably an allergic reaction to something and here is an antibiotic ointment.  It took a good week and it finally started to clear up.  That was it, gone!  Until last week.... Here cheeks turning red was the first sign.  They immediately started looking like she was seriously burned.  I'm not talking about a sunburn either.  Took her back to the doctor, they gave her Bactroban ointment to put on the really bad spots and Aquafor for the rest.  It was getting worse, but we hung in there and continued treatment and today it is healing nicely, but the one spot almost looks like it could scar.  The doctor has now explained if it was an allergic reaction to something it would come and then go away more quickly, not linger for 1-2 weeks.  Ok then, what the hell is it?  Just today I went and bought "dye and perfume free" laundry soap.  I had her quit using ALL soaps and lotions.  Now mind you, before this she was using Cetaphil and Eucirin soaps, which I thought were mild.  Has anyone experienced this?  She is 11 yrs old, I'm trying to teach her good face washing, but I'm not sure what to use?