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I am a SAHM of 3 and a wife of one. I started a blog to just bitch about life and now our youngest son is very sick I want to hear from other families going thru this and support eachother. He has SBS secondary to NEC with only 50 cm proximal jejunum and a 3 cm segment of terminal ileum. He is TPN dependent. He is a tough little 6 lb, 3 month old! Keeping my mind from turning to mush, Scentsy was introduced to me and I'm very thankful. The wonderful people in this community has changed my life. Even so, chaos in our house is a daily adventure. Some days, alright most days.. I take things minute by minute. To get through this bumpy road called 'life' I need my husband Jerad and my kids, my son Jordan 15, and my daughter Jaycee who is 11, and my son Jaxon is 3 months...I say it how it is... So I will say this.... "If you don't like what you are reading, you have the choice to leave my page. Nice, bitchy, raging lunitic, loving.. that's me! I admit I swear like a sailor, I may have different religious beliefs, I hate brussel sprouts with a passion.. these are all ways to describe ME.. I love making new friends but I will not 'pretend' to be someone I'm not just for their sake.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good Morning.... your house is surrounded by cops in the wee hours of the morning


     When I went to bed last night I just couldn't get my mind to shut down and allow me to get to bed at a decent time.  I set my alarm to get the kids up and ready for school, I was really going to try and have a less hectic morning.  Positive thinking, right? 

     Jerad had to go to work early this morning, he was trying to sneak out quietly beings all four kids and myself were sleeping.  In the middle of a really wonderful dream that involved Johnny Depp (hot!), I heard an extremely loud alarm going off.  Then I hear a man's voice talking to my husband.  I realized Jerad was setting the alarm system and accidentally hit the 'panic' button.   We have the system where a person comes on the intercom and talks to you.  He was asking what our password was, Jerad drew a blank.  I was yelling from upstairs what the password was while hubby is trying to relay the correct word.  After a couple tries the man said, "Okay sir have a nice day".  Jerad collected his work stuff and left to work.  I thought thank god the kids didn't wake up, I thought I have one more hour until MY quieter alarm goes off.  I was WRONG!  Within a couple of minutes of him leaving I heard the loudest banging on my door.  I flew out of bed, trying to avoid stepping on kids that had snuck in my room with their pillow and blankets.  I ran downstairs, at this point Jordan woke up and was right behind me.  I opened the door and there was nobody there.  What the hell?  They just barely knocked...where did they go?  I shut the door.  I stood there puzzled standing by the door, BANG, BANG, BANG.  The loud knocking again.  I ran to the window and looked through the blinds.  I saw a man waving at me to open the door... IT WAS A POLICE OFFICER!  Jordan at this point was freaking out, not knowing it was a cop and when his dad isn't here he will go to the end of the earth to protect me and his siblings.  He had ran up and got his air soft gun.  As I opened the door, here comes Jordan with his plastic gun.  The cop seen him and yelled at him to stop, he thought it was real.  I went outside and asked what was going on.  He said the alarm system panic went off and the man claiming to be your husband gave the wrong password.  I said, "Well I'm the one that told him the password, I know it's right"....He asked me for my ID...I went to get it and he stopped me and said, "No, have one of your kids get it, you have to stay right here".  As I was waiting I was looking around in the dark and noticed there was a plain clothed officer on the side of my house, another officer on the other side and one in back... we were surrounded.  He said he couldn't leave without coming in my house, I always crack jokes.. I started to say, "Sure you can come in but let me go hide my bong first"... I thought I better not press my luck, so I didn't say anything.  He checked out the house and then finally left.  I called Jerad at work and asked him what password he said.  He said, "I couldn't hear you screaming so I thought  you said _____.  I thought holy shit, it was like if my password would've been 'day'.. he told them 'night'.  Completely wrong, no wonder they sent the police.  Jordan has always said since we got this alarm system, "I bet this thing doesn't even work"...well he found out it does!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Snooze the alarm!


     I thought the morning was going pretty smooth, even though I am exhausted!  I was placing Scentsy orders until wee hours of the morning, I always seem to get my energy late at night..what the hell?  Got up with Jordan, had him to school by 6:50am. The other kids were still asleep and Jerad getting ready for work. I woke Jaycee up to get ready to have her to school at 8:50.  Now we're off to get the not a happy early morning 2 yr old and as long as you have food to feed me 8 month old.  Bottles, diapers, thrown food on the floor..(thank god for dogs).  Finally Jaycee's ready, I asked her last night if she was COMPLETELY ready for school today and of course she said, "yes".  I was packing up the little ones to get in the car, diaper bag in one arm, baby and car keys in the other, and dear Jaycee says, "Mom, can you write me a note to excuse THREE assignments that I didn't do?".  Think good thoughts, think good thoughts, don't explode. Instead I told her I was going to search her belongings as soon as she enters the door after school.  No T.V., no computer, NOTHING until homework is done.  Funny thing is, that is my rule anyways.  How do kids slip homework past you without you knowing?  My homework radar is on!

Saturday, September 25, 2010



     Well the last two days have been very interesting.  I received a phone call from Jordan's principal, saying she had him in her office that there had been an "incident".  My first thought was if he was okay.  She said he was fine but after lunch walking down the hallway with his friends there was a problem.  She then told me there was another kid that in her words was being 'very inappropriate' towards Jordan.  I have taught my kids to just ignore people if they are calling names, etc.  Jordan has been bullied all through school and he doesn't want to get in trouble so he just lets it happen.  After a few problems we had with bullying I was getting ready to go kick some ass on his behalf, I was sick of it!  So I told my kids, "If you start a fight, I will whoop ya, but I will also whoop ya if you don't defend yourself".  So back to this altercation at school... Jordan told this kid to leave him alone...he didn't.  Jordan pushed him a little and said to back off!  Again, the kid continued.  The third time Jordan physically shut him up.  The principal said, "The kid actually got hurt!".  She said Jordan has always been a good kid, so she was just going to give him 2 days in-school suspension.  She said, "Do you have any questions?" Of course I said yes.  I said, "Is the kid in the hospital?", she said, "No", well then I said, "Okay then what kind of punishment did he get for being the aggressor?"  she said, "He would be getting a suspension at home, also Jordan wants to know if he's in trouble with you?". My response, "Hell no!".  When someone warns you and warns you to back off, and they don't, they should EXPECT to be beat to the ground.  I'm proud of my son!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's for dinner?

   Today was one of those days as I was dragging my ass around I was chanting.. "Please make this day be over, Please".  I went in for my treatment, which always makes me sick.  Plus the fact Jerad was working late, so we decided to go out to dinner, instead of trying to cook.  Our first choice?  Hmm, well I had a coupon for a free kids meal at a local restaurant, okay lets go there.  When we got there, both kids in the backseat were pouting.  Trying to be nice, (I'm trying to get off the list of getting gray hair early)... We decided we could go to a burger and shake diner, they have kids under 10 yrs old eat free anyways.  Oh man, that sounds good... I started getting an appetite.  The best garlic burger and curly fries around.  So we show up at 7:45 pm, the neon orange OPEN sign still flashes.  We made it!  We walk in to get a booth and the waitress that was cleaning up must of had that mop shoved up her ass.  She says, "I'm sorry we're closed"...I couldn't contain myself, but not wanting to have the kids hear me use such profanity, I try to limit only 10 swear words a day, some days that's hard!  I said, "If you have that god damn flashing open sign lit up for the world to see you damn well better be prepared to serve food".  At this time I was to pissed off to stay, I didn't want her to spit on my burger.  So the kids suggested a buffet style restaurant.  So alright it's late, we're hungry, lets go!  We get there and trying to be so honest with their menu prices... 11 yrs old and up is $10.99...10 yrs old and younger is $0.50 per how many years old they are.  So 2 adults, 2 kids..sounds simple.  After standing in line for awhile it hit me like a ton of fuckin' bricks... I left my wallet at home! No credit card, no nothing!  I asked the cashier man to tell me about how much it will cost and see if between me and hubby if we can scrounge up the money.  I found a $20 bill loose in my purse, and Jerad had a $20 bill as well.  So we have to keep it under $40 bucks is what I'm telling myself.  As the man kept asking how old the kids are, I kept lowering their ages.  His register was messing up so he had to ask me their ages a couple of times.  In the end there were 2 adults and 2 very tall, over sized 2nd and 4th grader.  True, that was a little dishonest, BUT the total was $38.93!  After this long evening it ends with full bellies and I'm off to bed...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dumb or Dumber?

     One evening I needed to take my son to the store for a 'scientific calculator'.  This isn't your couple dollar calculator either.  What the hell?  I don't care that it has been a few years since I was his age, I didn't even know what it was until that day.  I took him to the store and it came out to be $30.23... so I gave the cashier a $50 bill and $0.23.  She returned a $10 bill in my hand.  I sat there for a moment and was making sure the bloody mary wasn't still in effect from hours earlier.  I mentioned to the cashier.. "You owe me $20, not $10".  She replied rudely, "No, I owe you only $10".  So I sat and did the math with her... "$50 take away $30 is $20 left as change, not $10.  You owe me $20."  My son added, "My mom is a whiz at math, so you better listen to her".  I had to chuckle at that one.  She picked up her stupid little phone hanging behind her and called the manager.  At this point I opened the damn package that contained the calculator and showed the manager how I came to the answer of $20.  "I just want my $20", why is it that hard?"  I didn't think it was hard math to do.  Twenty five minutes later, and a $20 bill in my hand, I was finally on my way home.  Once I got home, I immediately went to my 10 year old and asked her, "What is the answer to 50-30?"... her response.... "20, duh mom".  To this day she still tells everyone that she had to help her mom with math.

Friday, September 17, 2010

On the defense

     I want to thank all of the teachers out there that actually go to work everyday with the children's best interest in mind.  Jaycee has been having problems with her hip, I was hoping it was just growing pains.  After 2 weeks of pain, I took her to the doctor.  They are still in the process of running tests, but nonetheless I sent a note to school as per doctor's request and stated she was not to do ANY activities.  Her teacher was very polite and caring, asking if she'd be okay.  When I was informed what happened that day, I was pissed off!  A different teacher had taken the students out for P.E. and told them to go run laps.  Jaycee told her she couldn't and the teacher said, "Shut up and you can atleast go walk"...so she did.  Then they were off to play softball, she went and told the teacher again that she would have to sit out, the teachers response.. " Oh will you shut up already?... I don't care about your damn leg!.. you need to learn discipline, when you are injured you work through it."  After the fire in my eyes cooled down enough to where I wasn't going to strangle this idiot... I was so upset that a teacher can have enough balls to think they can tell my child to shut up, more than once AND try and make her do activities when I had sent a doctor's note stating otherwise.  Why do some teachers think they only have a say so when it comes to our kids.  Then to top it off today I hear through the grapevine that this teacher is going to pull Jaycee out of class on Monday and 'discuss' the situation.  Oh hell no she will!  I called her and she's lucky she had left for the day.. but I did have the chance to leave her a nice message.  I stated if she even thinks about talking to MY daughter, except to apologize, I damn well better be present!  We'll see when Monday comes... I've got my boxing gloves dusted off and polished... ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Helping in more ways than one....


     This weekend turned out to be a pretty good.. I jumped at the chance to help out a friend move.  I've never dealt with the situation of not having anywhere to go, thank god.. But on the flip side I will never turn my cheek when someone else is going through hardship when they need someone...anyone.  There is to many people that just don't give a damn.  Just cruel.  It was nice to be able lend a hand.  I challenge all these bitchy, self-centered, jerk-offs to do one good deed a day and maybe they would pull their heads out of their ass and quit acting like they are Gods.

     Jordan has been at his friends for this 3 day weekend... each night they all go to a different friends house to spend the night.  Jordan doesn't ask me alot to have his friends over, he knows I can't have friends over often, when I have my treatments I get quite sick.  I feel so guilty and with Jerad home on Sunday night, and there were four 14 year old boys.. it's not like I was going to change diapers, and make bottles.. I found out quickly that they burp themselves!  We ordered 4 pizza's, that was to feed all the boys, myself, hubby and my daughter.  When Jerad went and picked them up he decided to get one more, just in case they were hungry.  I ate one piece, went to get a second and all 5 pizza boxes were empty!  Holy shit! I laid in bed that evening trying to figure out what the hell to feed them for breakfast...

     I've got to add...I hadn't met any of these parents.  I told Jordan before he was allowed to sleep over I was to talk to one of their parents and make sure one of them would be home.  It didn't bother him and he cooperated just fine. But it upset me that I have NEVER received a phone call from any kids parents to want to talk or meet me first... that includes my 11 yr old daughters friends.  And parents are throwing their hands up, wondering why their kids are drinking and doing drugs at such young ages.  I'm not stupid, I know how kids are curious, and they make mistakes.  But be damned if I'm going to sit back and just let it happen.  I heard a parent the other day, they just found out their 12 yr old child was doing drugs. Their response was, "Well I did drugs at a young age to, so I can't do anything about it".  Bullshit!  I myself went through battles of not so smart activities that have gone into my adulthood and has affected me in a big way.  If I found out one of my kids were doing something illegal...I wouldn't say.. Go get your pipe and I'll go buy ya a lighter.  How ridiculous.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001 ~ Never Forget

With this my first post of my first blog I've been worried if I will say the right thing, or sound like an idiot.  This blog is about my 'life'...the good, the bad and the ugly.  But today I will keep it a simple message ~ September 11th, year after year will forever be a day remembered in our lives.  Nine years ago I was getting my then kindergartner ready for school, while my toddler was running around happy as can be, without the comprehension of what was happening to our country.  I have shed a lot of tears today with so many others, to hear the numbers of how many lost their lives.  How many kids are left without a parent, how many wives and husbands were anxiously waiting to eat as a family at the dinner table that evening and chat and giggle over their days.  Not one last kiss, one last hug, one last I love you.  Tonight, hold your loved ones close. Always on my mind, forever in my heart.