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I am a SAHM of 3 and a wife of one. I started a blog to just bitch about life and now our youngest son is very sick I want to hear from other families going thru this and support eachother. He has SBS secondary to NEC with only 50 cm proximal jejunum and a 3 cm segment of terminal ileum. He is TPN dependent. He is a tough little 6 lb, 3 month old! Keeping my mind from turning to mush, Scentsy was introduced to me and I'm very thankful. The wonderful people in this community has changed my life. Even so, chaos in our house is a daily adventure. Some days, alright most days.. I take things minute by minute. To get through this bumpy road called 'life' I need my husband Jerad and my kids, my son Jordan 15, and my daughter Jaycee who is 11, and my son Jaxon is 3 months...I say it how it is... So I will say this.... "If you don't like what you are reading, you have the choice to leave my page. Nice, bitchy, raging lunitic, loving.. that's me! I admit I swear like a sailor, I may have different religious beliefs, I hate brussel sprouts with a passion.. these are all ways to describe ME.. I love making new friends but I will not 'pretend' to be someone I'm not just for their sake.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's for dinner?

   Today was one of those days as I was dragging my ass around I was chanting.. "Please make this day be over, Please".  I went in for my treatment, which always makes me sick.  Plus the fact Jerad was working late, so we decided to go out to dinner, instead of trying to cook.  Our first choice?  Hmm, well I had a coupon for a free kids meal at a local restaurant, okay lets go there.  When we got there, both kids in the backseat were pouting.  Trying to be nice, (I'm trying to get off the list of getting gray hair early)... We decided we could go to a burger and shake diner, they have kids under 10 yrs old eat free anyways.  Oh man, that sounds good... I started getting an appetite.  The best garlic burger and curly fries around.  So we show up at 7:45 pm, the neon orange OPEN sign still flashes.  We made it!  We walk in to get a booth and the waitress that was cleaning up must of had that mop shoved up her ass.  She says, "I'm sorry we're closed"...I couldn't contain myself, but not wanting to have the kids hear me use such profanity, I try to limit only 10 swear words a day, some days that's hard!  I said, "If you have that god damn flashing open sign lit up for the world to see you damn well better be prepared to serve food".  At this time I was to pissed off to stay, I didn't want her to spit on my burger.  So the kids suggested a buffet style restaurant.  So alright it's late, we're hungry, lets go!  We get there and trying to be so honest with their menu prices... 11 yrs old and up is $10.99...10 yrs old and younger is $0.50 per how many years old they are.  So 2 adults, 2 kids..sounds simple.  After standing in line for awhile it hit me like a ton of fuckin' bricks... I left my wallet at home! No credit card, no nothing!  I asked the cashier man to tell me about how much it will cost and see if between me and hubby if we can scrounge up the money.  I found a $20 bill loose in my purse, and Jerad had a $20 bill as well.  So we have to keep it under $40 bucks is what I'm telling myself.  As the man kept asking how old the kids are, I kept lowering their ages.  His register was messing up so he had to ask me their ages a couple of times.  In the end there were 2 adults and 2 very tall, over sized 2nd and 4th grader.  True, that was a little dishonest, BUT the total was $38.93!  After this long evening it ends with full bellies and I'm off to bed...


  1. warming blog... ^_^
    I'm following you.


  2. Just found you through bloggy moms and so happy I did. I love that you too use Big Girl words. I find myself trying to limit what I say on a given day because my almost three year old daughter has taken a liking to Damn-it and fuck. oops. At least you take your childrento sit down. I am terrified because I also have a soon to be one year old and the two of them together would get us kicked out. We swing by McDonalds for Happy Meals and come back home to enjoy my lazy dinner nights.

    Look forward to reading more.

  3. I am your new follower. You can visit me at http://showmemama.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks Girls! I just checked out all your sites and am now following. I'm glad you found me to Mommysankey, I think that's my favorite part about blogging, I can be myself. :)