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I am a SAHM of 3 and a wife of one. I started a blog to just bitch about life and now our youngest son is very sick I want to hear from other families going thru this and support eachother. He has SBS secondary to NEC with only 50 cm proximal jejunum and a 3 cm segment of terminal ileum. He is TPN dependent. He is a tough little 6 lb, 3 month old! Keeping my mind from turning to mush, Scentsy was introduced to me and I'm very thankful. The wonderful people in this community has changed my life. Even so, chaos in our house is a daily adventure. Some days, alright most days.. I take things minute by minute. To get through this bumpy road called 'life' I need my husband Jerad and my kids, my son Jordan 15, and my daughter Jaycee who is 11, and my son Jaxon is 3 months...I say it how it is... So I will say this.... "If you don't like what you are reading, you have the choice to leave my page. Nice, bitchy, raging lunitic, loving.. that's me! I admit I swear like a sailor, I may have different religious beliefs, I hate brussel sprouts with a passion.. these are all ways to describe ME.. I love making new friends but I will not 'pretend' to be someone I'm not just for their sake.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001 ~ Never Forget

With this my first post of my first blog I've been worried if I will say the right thing, or sound like an idiot.  This blog is about my 'life'...the good, the bad and the ugly.  But today I will keep it a simple message ~ September 11th, year after year will forever be a day remembered in our lives.  Nine years ago I was getting my then kindergartner ready for school, while my toddler was running around happy as can be, without the comprehension of what was happening to our country.  I have shed a lot of tears today with so many others, to hear the numbers of how many lost their lives.  How many kids are left without a parent, how many wives and husbands were anxiously waiting to eat as a family at the dinner table that evening and chat and giggle over their days.  Not one last kiss, one last hug, one last I love you.  Tonight, hold your loved ones close. Always on my mind, forever in my heart.

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